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Judo: Seven Steps to Black Belt (An Introductory Guide for Beginners) | Amakella Publishing
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Judo uniform, judo throws, judo sport

Judo: Seven Steps to Black Belt (An Introductory Guide for Beginners)

Judo, Martial Arts, Sports
Book Description

Displaying the most impressive throws, compelling armbars, dominant pins, and decisive chokes, judo is a particularly powerful sport and martial art that can bring opponents into submission in highly effective ways. With determination and perseverance, such tremendous power could be yours. Designed with safety considerations in mind, judo allows people of all ages to be involved in a long-term fitness activity with opportunities for continuous improvement. Judo is a way of life that promotes physical and mental harmony, encourages the development of self-confidence and leadership abilities, prepares practitioners to act in self-defense, and instills values such as discipline, respect, and diligence. Judo is also an Olympic sport that has been gaining increasing worldwide visibility.


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Praise from reviewers:


“Direct, simple, and everything one needs to start off on the right foot in learning judo. I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about learning judo.” –HAYWARD NISHIOKA, 9th Degree Judo Black Belt, former national and Pan-American champion, author of several judo books, and two-time Judo Hall of Fame member

“A roadmap for the development of judo expertise, and a valuable review of the foundations of the sport for more advanced practitioners and teachers. I will add many of the descriptions and explanations to my own teaching of judokas at all levels.”
–CHARLES MEDANI, M.D., 7th Degree Judo Black Belt and President of Shufu Judo Yudanshakai, the black belt association of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

“A particularly good asset for new students, easy to follow and understand, covering several basic subjects sometimes overlooked or not mentioned. I recommend this book for those learning judo as well as for anyone who would like to add a good resource to their judo library.”
–MICHAEL LANDSTREET, 5th Degree Judo Black Belt, Head Instructor of the Arlington Judo Club, Judo Professor at George Mason University, and President of Virginia Judo Inc.

“People who are considering which martial art to choose for their children, or themselves, should definitely read this book! As a lifelong judoka and father of two judo black belts, I wholeheartedly recommend this book.”
–ROBERT WINSTON, Colonel, USAF, Retired and 5th Degree Judo Black Belt

“I highly recommend this book to anybody that really wants to learn the basic principles of Judo, and especially to those special people who want to teach rather than just coach.”
— ISRAEL HERNANDEZ, two times Olympic bronze medalist and 6th Degree Judo Black Belt.

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