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Rodolfo Tello - Wachipaeri, Queros, Peru, indigenous peoples, hunting, biodiversity
Rodolfo Tello, indigenous people, impact on biodiversity,
Glend Seitz, aguaruna, gender roles, indigenous use of natural resources, generational divide, Cultural change, awajun, amazonas, peru
Rodolfo Tello, unit of analysis, indigenous households

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Finding a balance between body & mind for personal improvement.

Judo uniform, judo throws, judo sport

Social Development

Improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations.

Rodolfo Tello, emvironmental and social standards, safeguard policies, safeguards framework

Environmental Conservation

Sustainable ways of living.

Rodolfo Tello, conversation and development, environmental conservation, indigenous development

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Luciano Bornholdt

Luciano Bornholdt is a social anthropologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester. He worked with indigenous groups from the Amazon region and other parts of Latin America, cowboys, and people displaced from their homes by infrastructure projects, among others. Luciano built a career in international development, working as a social development specialist for multilateral development organizations, before retiring from that line of work to embark on a long term tour around the world.

Luciano Bornholdt, cultural relations, labor raltions, Southern Brazil, Gauchos, cattle ranching, cowboys

“I am no artist so I cannot paint, but if I could, I would paint the world as seen from the back of a horse. Your vision is different from up there, the world is different. That is why I like to ride in the countryside so much; I want to see the world that way again and again.”


Luciano Bornholdt, Bigger Than Life