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“Judo: Seven Steps to Black Belt (An Introductory Guide for Beginners)” won Readers' Favorite® silver award (2016) in the Non-Fiction, Sports category. Quotations from some of the reviewers are included below: "This book gives the reader an historical and philosophical perspective as well as an introduction to the physical mechanics of judo, which in retrospect seems an essential approach. Tello demystifies what goes on in a class, and I found myself...

Judo beginners are set to have a great new resource in this forthcoming book from black belt judo practitioner and author Rodolfo Tello. Covering the fundamental aspects of this sport and martial art, this book is expected to be a game changer. With interest in judo rising steadily, many people are realizing that there is a lack of informative texts to guide the beginning practitioner. With over two decades of judo...