In Search of Legitimacy: Cultural Change and Marriage Diversification Among the Awajún

awajun peruvian rainforest Rodolfo Tello

Indigenous peoples have been historically discriminated against. However, this issue has not been regularly included in the analysis of the cultural changes that indigenous groups have been undergoing in recent decades. This study illustrates how the search for cultural legitimacy has been emerging as one of the most important factors in the direction cultural change has taken among the Awajún of the Peruvian rainforest.

Their experience illustrates the effects of cultural discrimination on the indigenous way of thinking, reflected in areas such as the gradual abandonment of their traditional marriage rules and the growing predominance of individualism, particularly among the younger generations, engendering processes with deep implications in the reproduction of the culture and the living conditions of the Awajún.

This is a highly recommended book for any person looking to understand how cultural discrimination affects indigenous peoples and their contemporary way of life. Specific areas where readers will also develop greater knowledge and awareness include: 

•    The marriage customs of people in a different culture
•    The struggles of indigenous peoples living in tropical forests
•    The rise of individualism among indigenous groups
•    What happens when people establish marital unions at a young age
•    How the Awajún manage conflict at the family and household level
•    How historical processes have shaped intercultural relations
•    The effect of socioeconomic change on cultural identity
•    The way people overcome restrictions imposed by their culture

In Search of Legitimacy: Cultural Change and Marriage Diversification Among the Awajún,” by Rodolfo Tello. Coming in hardcover, paperback and electronic editions, Fall 2018.


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