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Amakella Publishing is an independent book publishing company publishing works in areas such as social sciences, international development, environmental conservation, and creative nonfiction.

As an independent publisher, we believe the book publishing industry, and the decisions about what gets published, should not be concentrated on a few individuals at large publishing houses. Technology has made it possible for independent publishers to have a greater level of participation.

We publish our books in hardcover, paperback and electronic formats. We take advantage of the latest electronic technologies for distribution, which allow us to make our books available worldwide.

Amakella Publishing, registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest publishing trade association in the United States.

In one of our editorial lines, our goal is to convert the results of social science research into narratives of creative nonfiction, making them available for a general audience and democratizing such knowledge by overcoming the readability challenges of academic works.

The recent and upcoming books in our catalog provide an idea of our publishing operations. If you want to know more about us, you can subscribe to our Newsletter, or send us a note using the form or e-mail address provided on our contact page.

All information on this website is copyrighted. Visitors may not reproduce it somewhere else without our previous written permission. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional details.


Reader's Favorite Award

"Judo: Seven Steps to Black Belt" won Reader's Favorite silver medal in the 2016 Non-Fiction - Sports category.

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